Ismet is a barrister of over 23 years call with experience in front-line prosecuting (including higher courts), policy-making at a senior level, training and facilitating and lecturing (she is a Visiting Lecturer at City Law School) and providing charging advise both out of hours and in police stations. She has 30 years experience of the criminal justice system experience as well as extensive experience in civil and commercial litigation, family law and immigration.

Ismet has been active in equality and diversity work, community work and mentoring students from all walks of life for over 18 years. She played a very active role in these areas during her 16 plus years with the Crown Prosecution Service (particularly post-Mcpherson and the Denman report) and during her work with the AML. She has contributed to policy making in these areas in her work with the Bar Council, the Law Society and BPP Law School, sitting on various committees and participating in a number of working groups.Ismet is also the AML lead on human rights, working with a number of human rights groups over the past 10 years. She has designed and led seminars on human rights with speakers such as Mr. Justice Silber, Dr. Tariq Ramadan, Courtney Griffiths QC and Gareth Pierce. She has also put together, led on and presented a live legal satellite television show and has undertaken other media work.

Ismet came to the United Kingdom in 1972, one of the many Asians forced to leave Uganda under the dictatorship of Idi Amin and take refuge in the United Kingdom, starting from scratch. She has lived in London since the age of 5 and has had to challenge and cross many religious/cultural/gender/disability challenges both in her personal and her professional life. She has long been interested and worked on issues surrounding Muslim/Asian/British identity and is of the firm opinion that this is long overdue a proper assessment and representation.

Ismet is overall Lead in all matters for the organisation and in setting strategic vision.