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In their manifesto, the Conservative Party state that they intend to scrap the Human Rights Act – a crucial piece of legislation that safeguards basic human rights for citizens of the United Kingdom and covers all the rights included in the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR). It also ensures public bodies – including the government, are called to account in light of any breaches.

The law came into force in the UK under a Labour government in 2000 and meant that firstly, individuals could take cases of human right breaches to British courts instead of having to wait for an already inundated European Court of Human Rights to hear them out, and secondly, that all public bodies – not just the central government, but institutions like the police, NHS, and local councils – had to abide by these laws.

Michael Gove, the newly appointed Justice Secretary has been appointed as the lead in scrapping the Human Rights Act, and has been given 100 days in which to produce a report on whether or not it should be kept.

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