Press Release - AML and SBL - Embargo: Charlie Hebdo

Unfortunately we have found the predicament of these migrants to have become the subject to some of the most racist and offensive cartoons by the magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The first cartoon published in mid-September 2015 stated, “The proof that Europe is Christian, “The Christians walk on water, Muslim children drown”. The second caption, with a drawing of the dead body of three year old Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi, who recently tragically drowned as he and his family desperately attempted to reach Greece by sea, commented, “So close to his goal”, alongside a McDonald’s “2 for 1 children’s menu for the price of one”. Our view is that no degree of satire justifies these cartoons.

Both the SBL and the AML condemn the appalling terrorist murder of Charlie Hebdo journalists and staff in 2014, however that does not place that publication above the law and give it an entitlement to ridicule and abuse people of any nationality or religion in the name of humour and free speech.

The organisations are planning further visits to migrant camps and will be holding a conference on December 12th 2015 in London on our findings and publishing our report in late October.

For further information please contact:

Mrs Ifath Nawaz:

Shireen Khan  :, Mobile 07760 357342

D Peter Herbert O.B.E. :, Mobile: 07973 794 946