AML supporting Remembering Srebrenica on 20th anniversary of Genocide

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Remembering Srebrenica and the Association of Muslim Lawyers (AML) are jointly organising a memorial event on 11 July 2015 between 2-4pm to commemorate 20 years since the genocide in Srebrenica, Bosnia. Hosted by Brent Council, the event will feature talks about what happened, survivors' stories and videos documenting the horrifying events which saw 8.372 men and boys massacred within a matter of days. The event will include contributions from the Mayor of Brent, Lesley Jones MBE, and Council Leader, Muhammed Butt. There will also be merchandise for sale and an opportunity to donate to Remembering Srebrenica, a charity working to raise awareness of the genocide in the UK and highlight the dangers of hatred in society.

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11th July 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the genocide that was committed in Srebrenica, the AML led a delegation of interfaith groups to visit the memorial in Srebrenica and meet some of the victims whose lives were affected by the atrocities that were committed 20 years ago and continue to be affected to this date. The AML is supporting Remembering Srebrenica this year which also marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the AML with members of the delegation organising and leading on the following activities.

Misba Sheikh visited her former school in North London on 27 April 2015 to help a younger generation learn the lessons from Srebrenica.

Misba Sheikh with Raheed Salam, Neil Martin and Anousheh Haghdadi from Remembering Srebrenica at the Barnet Multi-Faith Forum AGM 14 May 2015.

Misba Sheikh reads her poems on the genocide in Srebrenica at Bridge the Gap Camden event on 29 May 2015.

Misba Sheikh and Hameera Dar at Walthamstow with Steven Saxby and Zrinka Bralo, survivor of the siege of Sarajevo

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