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We focus on providing help for the refugees.


Right now the global spotlight is on extremist Muslims due to a string of incidences from Paris to Jakarta. Due to these barbaric acts perpetuated by these extremists, Muslims in general are also facing a lot of backlash, some of which is excessive.


Promoting Inter religious Dialogue between all faiths.  We have worked with the Association of  Jewish Lawyers.  We have highlighted the similarities between Judaism and Islam.

Planet Earth
Pounds of Food Donated
AML's Road to Success Programme

AML is please to announce a new initiative: AML’s Road to Success Programme.

Please attend our launch to learn more about the different strands and ways in which you can assist with the following:

-Mentoring Scheme
-Work Place Shadowing
-Careers Seminars
-Mock Interviews

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17Aug 17

AML Statement on Paris Attack

A statement of solidarity from British Muslim communities. We are profoundly saddened by the loss of innocent lives in Paris, and our deepest condolences are with the family and friends…

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The @MuslimCouncil welcomes the Independent Review of Prevent announced today

Koser Shaheen addresses the ConsortiuM #creatingleaders summit. “Look at yourself, are you at the place you are supposed to be? If not why not ?
Aim high look high and look at the leaders of the world”

Weekend watching: INQUEST's own @remyacb
on Dignity and Defiance after Disasters, in this @TEDxUCLWomen talk discussing why grieving and traumatised people should never *have to* fight for their right to truth and justice.

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