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Today we attended a round table discussion on the laws around Islamophobia @DoughtyStreet

Thank you @AdamWagner1 for your insight & for hosting us @paulebowen @_JasvirSingh @MuhbeenH @mustafafield @RFarsi3 @Vakas_Hussain @HayyanAyaz @mustafafield @assocmuslimlaw


@assocmuslimlaw @Freedland @mehdirhasan 8/ Update - very much looking forward to hosting a roundtable tonight on Islamophobia and law for @LondonFaiths and fascinating group of invitees. Will present on how the law can be used to fight Islamophobia (human rights, discrimination and hate crimes) followed by discussion

"Immediately I was showered with blood.

"Who on earth can forget these things?"

Emdad Talukder recalls the day a nail bomb exploded in London's Brick Lane, 20 years ago

WATCH: https://t.co/C3MbugIIWj

#newsnight | @JamesClayton5

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